Thursday, February 1, 2018

In Our Spare Time

The boys stay pretty busy with school and baseball, mom stays really busy shuttling them to and from everywhere and dad is keeping very busy this year with all of the horses...but we've managed to have some fun in our spare time!
Jake and Cash had fun ice skating
 Mason did great too!  This was his second time since we've been here, so he really had it down!
 Boys were skating on their own by the end!
Momma and her boys (minus Cash..he was too busy to slow down for a pic!)

The boys play a lot of hover board ball! (baseball, dodgeball, basketball, etc)
Cash wanted to take his photo with Steph Curry at the new Dubai Under Armour store.
 The boys also enjoy playing dress up and having dance party at Shyla's house (no words for Mr. Cool Cash!) lol!

Enjoying the beautiful views from Caroline and Bhupat's balcony

Laser light show from the Burj Khalifa

Night time view from our hotel
We had to visit The Cereal Killer Cafe, where the kids could choose any 2 kinds of cereal and 2 kinds of toppings.  Cash had Reece's Puffs and Fruit Loops topped with Oreo's and a cookie.  Jake opted for Cookie Crisp and Apple Jax topped with Oreo's and marshmellos!  Yum!
 A little rain can cause a lot of flooding!

Cash and some his favorite Pokemon cards (enter a big "sigh" from mom!)
 Jake was selected to care for the class mascot, Lucy the Leopard.  
 Jake and Cash built her a fort and gave her food and water :)
Lucy and the boys on their way to school
Mason's working hard on his baseball tan, which is easy to do when he spends 6-8 hours at the field over the weekends!!  He has two team practices and one private lesson on Fridays, and then he plays his games and umpires another 2-3 games on Saturdays!
Jake lost two of his bottom teeth here!
The twins started kickboxing and Mason is back to boxing!!  Watch Out World!
Us adults even manage to find some fun!  Out celebrating Bhupat's birthday!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Blog is Back: Dubai in December

I attempted to update our blog once we arrived, only to discover that the Blogger website had been hijacked!  Photobucket blocked my blog and covered it with this Warning image. They require a paid membership of $399/year to show your images, hosted by them, on your blog.   Fortunately I found someone to help resolve this issue, and after more than a month, the blog is back!

December in Dubai was a very busy month for us, so I'll use my sister in law, Demar's favorite term: highlights and bullet points!

- Departed TX on Tues, Nov 28th and said good bye to family and friends, but the hardest good bye was to our 13-year old Australian Shepard, Levi.

- Landed on Wed, Nov 29th and Mason had his first baseball practice on Friday and a game on Saturday.  He's playing for the Red Sox this year.

- We tried our best to combat jet lag by dragging out our sleep deprived kids, and we went for late night scooter rides, tried out new restaurants and played Jenga at our local pub.

- All three boys started back to school on Monday, Dec 3rd!  Their two weeks back were filled with Christmas programs and class parties for the twins and Mason's class took a field trip to the Dubai Mall for ice skating and lunch!  It's a nice way to ease back into school and before things get crazy in January.

- The Dubai schools had three long weeks off for Winter Holiday, so we've tried our best to stay busy and out of the apartment!

- Dubai Little League hosted Chase Utley and Justin Turner at the ball park, so the boys got to meet them and get autographs.  We also discovered that Utley and Mason were born at the same hospital Huntington Memorial in Pasadena, CA!

- The boys got their stylish haircuts by our local barber.

- We've enjoyed the warm temperatures and went to beach and the pool.

- We spent a lot of time at the mall, went bowling, jumped at an indoor trampoline park, played at the arcadesaw a lot of movies (Daddy's Home 2, Jumanji, Ferdinand and Star Wars The Last Jedi.

- Dubai is very festive during the holidays, so we visited an outdoor festive market, went to an Ice Lounge and had an awesome visit with Santa Claus.

- We had a lovely Christmas morning at home and Rod got to enjoy his one day off from work!  Some of the favorite gifts this year were hover boards with a ride-on attachment, a fit bit, Alexa Echo Dot and a dice game Tenzi.  We celebrated Christmas afternoon with our friends the Bianchi's and Rae's and had a traditional Christmas dinner :)

-  The boys and I went dune bashing out in the desert one morning.  They also got to ride a camel and run up and down the sand dunes.  The desert sand is much finer and has a silky feel to it compared to beach sand.

But now our winter break is drawing to a close, and it's time to return back to reality and our routine!!
Boys saying good bye to our 14-year old dog, Levi

 Settling in for the 14-hour flight!

 10 bags + 1 rested kid + 1 tired kid
 Jet lag is no joke!

 Mason's first game back and playing with the Red Sox


 Jake's Class
 Liam, Jake & Cash
 Cash & Liam at their class party

Dodger Day at DLL! Boys got to meet Justin Turner and Chase Utley

 Out and about at Ibn Battuta Mall

 Mason escorting Shyla to KidZania
 Checking out the Lego store
 Shyla and silly Jake
 Movie date with these silly boys!
 More silly boys at indoor trampoline park, Bounce!
The Jumanji crew

 Beach Days!

 Check out Jake - he's my kid that doesn't like the sand! Lol!
 Erin's turn!

They they buried Shyla!
Cash, Shyla and Jake enjoying lunch on their Lego plates
 Ice Lounge fun!
 Life sized ice camel
 Cash enjoying the "snow!"
 Santa even stopped by!
Kids and Caroline enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate
 Boys had a nice visit with Santa Claus

 The only picture I took Christmas morning!  Oops!

Collin, Jake, Andrew, Mason, Cash & Ben
Crazy Picture!
Beyond blessed with our friends! Bianchi's, Daniel's & Rae's

Secret Santa gifts
 Happy Jake!
 Diana's beautiful table setting
 Mason's beyond excited for his Nerf gun!
 Present time

Tenzi dice game!